Looking Presidential: The Optics Of Leadership During A Disaster

This is another 9/11 catastroph to exploit the poor people with the weather weapons : HAARP HAS MANUFACTURED THIS DISASTER§


(CNN) — As Sandy took aim at the East Coast, President Barack Obama discarded campaign events in Florida and Virginia to return to Washington and address the storm from the White House.

Mitt Romney adjusted his schedule to hit the battleground state of Ohio and direct campaign resources in Virginia and New Hampshire to focus on storm relief.

The candidates sought to balance the real threat of a killer storm against the need to squeeze out any last-minute advantages in battleground states ahead of next Tuesday’s vote.

For the next few days, routine campaigning may be put on the shelf. This week, it may all be about who can behave the most presidential.

Obama was staying put in Washington on Tuesday and Wednesday, while Romney attended an event in Ohio where his campaign sought goods and other help for those in states affected by the storm.

David Gergen, a professor…

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St. Louis’ Soulard Oktoberfest…voted one of the top ten best places to celebrate in the country. The 3-day event features lots of music, a brat-eating contest, a beer stein-holding competition, a strongest beer maid contest and a beauty pageant (judged by Thom and Jeff) with contestants decked out in traditional German garb (or bikinis if they forgot their dirndl).

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Les mercenaires de l’OTAN tuent leurs concitoyens perfidement !

Allain Jules

Ce mercredi matin, on a entendu trois explosions qui ont frappé la ville d’Alep au niveau de la place de Saaed Allah al-Jaberi. Ces explosions ont été provoquées par deux voitures piégées. Les bombes ont visé l’hôtel Tourist, l’hôtel Aleppo Palace et un certain nombre de cafés situés tous sur la place même.

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