The Body Double Revisited

In the context of the huge and multiple false flags made by the federal government on behalf of the Zionist financial cabale we cannot doubt that the assassination of Saddam Hussein is a drill ;besides Saddam is not so stupid to let himself being captured plus the fact that the bad image of this president when presented seems to be exagerated and fabricated !

Saddam Is Alive

There seems to be a lot of momentum behind the original Body Double theory at the moment. Lets have a closer look.

In the past – particularly during the first Gulf War – the media and politicians were always quick to remind us how many body doubles Saddam had, for example The BBC‘s Panorama programme and The Scotsman both discussed the doubles, as well as work by forensic pathologist Dr Dieter Buhmann. It was pretty much held as common knowledge that Saddam had and was using Body Doubles on a regular basis.

Fast forward to today, and the issue of body doubles has been convienitently ignored by the media. Even if the « real » Saddam was captured, surely someone would have at least seen the others by now? They cant have been hiding in a hole in an orchard for 4 years!

So this brings us to the question –

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