Preliminary Remarks About The Escalating Crisis in Egypt.

This is a wise point of view but the Author denies for some obscure reasons the direct implication of Obama and his implication in the bloodbath taking place in Egypt . this article becomes therefore a kind of desinformation because the KING OF SAOUDI ARABIA can never take decisions as this out of the real matrice ,out of the real project of the ILLUMINATIS ,the mondialist NEOCONS that is to say the ISRAEL-AMERICANEMPIRE WHICH INCLUDE ALSO ALL EUROPEEN COUNTIE :we must all admit that this agenda of the so called Arabspring is a great plot designed long ago by NATO ON BEHALF OF THE ZIONIST STATE WHO GOVERNS USA AND OBAMA FIRST .

View from the Left Bank: Rob Prince's Blog

ME - Oil and Gas Deposits

The Obama Administration Holds Its Nose And Realigns Itself With Old Ally – Saudi Arabia  

I know what follows will sound a little esoteric to American ears, but I am convinced there is something to it and want to add my take on bloodbath unfolding in Egypt, if only because I have not seen the explanation I offer anywhere else – at least in English. And I think it might help – at least in part – explain the unfolding Egyptian tragedy.

While the  Obama Administration is not an innocent player in the slaughter unfolding in Egypt – it supported the Egyptian military coup – there is another factor at play which is as decisive in explaining the recent dark turn of events: the re-emergence of Saudi Arabia as a key player in the Arab World and the factional struggle between the Moslem Brotherhoods, supported by Qatar and Turkey…

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