Wahhabi cleric threat of attacking and killing the civilian population of Damascus (6 milions)

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the real Syrian Free Press


ISIS: Damascus People Leave Their City Head to the Desert

The title you read is correct, it was during a TV interview with a NATO-backed Wahhabi cleric who warned the people of Damascus to leave their jobs, their homes immediately and head to the desert where it’ll be more secure for them.

Such talk shows are not intended to the western opinion, such TV and radio stations with thousands of publications, sermons and online forums are intended for the less fortunate, ill-educated, impoverished masses, whom became what they are after the US-led self-proclaimed ‘international community’ brought their countries ‘democracy’.

Dr. Moath Safwat, supposed to be a PHD graduate in Wahhabism, accused the people of Damascus and its countryside, counting more than 6 million if we do not count the displaced who took refuge there, to immediately leave their jobs as working in government and public institutions is aiding the…

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