John Kerry’s or Syria’s ‘Opposition’ on Assad Re-election Means ZERO

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the real Syrian Free Press


Does US Secretary of State John Kerry, or Syria’s oppositions opinion on the re-election of President Bashar al-Assad mean anything? No, NOT if youre a Syrian. Not anymore on the re-election of the US President Barack Obama. I dont think its any of their business considering none are actually Syrians living in Syria.

« We know you would like to control the country of Syria John Kerry, and place your « puppet government » in place like all the countries the US has bombed to hell, but guess what, you cant! You can continue to shoot blanks from your mouth because you think your opinion matters, but again, it doesnt matter. So keep on making trips on the US tax payers dollars, and meeting with your « Friends (enemies), of Syria all you want, it still means nothing to the people of Syria. The future of Syrias government is not your business, Saudis, Qatars…

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