PressTV: Israeli nukes threatening region, world

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

A view of the Israeli regime’s Dimona nuclear facility located in Negev DesertA view of the Israeli regime’s Dimona nuclear facility located in Negev Desert

Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:40AM GMT

By Kevin Barrett

The so-called “Iran nuclear crisis” is over. Now, what will the nuclear non-proliferation specialists do to occupy their time?

Maybe they should target a dangerous, fanatical, hyper-aggressive, expansionist Middle Eastern regime that really IS building nuclear weapons.

That would be Israel.

There was never any real nuclear crisis in Iran, but there is a very real nuclear crisis in Israel.

Even the American CIA, which holds no love for the Islamic Republic, has repeatedly admitted that Iran is not building nuclear weapons. That hasn’t stopped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from saying that Iran is just months away from a bomb. According to Netanyahu, Iran has been months away from a bomb for decades. Fifty years from now, whoever is in charge of Israel’s Likud Party – in…

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Make almost any ISO USB bootable in a minutes…

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USB Flash Drive SuperTalent Pico-C 8 GB. Stain...

Now a days all the computers have a native support for USBbooting i.e. you can install or run Operating system from a USB drive.

There are many ways to do so, but what my personal choice is UNetbootin, it’s a very powerfull utility through which you can convert any ISO files or image files to make it boot or start from the USB drive instantly without burning to a physical media(saving time and cost).The best part is it support almost all the latest Linux Ditribution as well as rescue CD’s…

What you will need :
Download the latest version from here .


1. Run UNetbootin as Administrator or if you are on windows XP just start it like any other application.

2.Now, select the second option Diskimage and choose ISO from the dropdown list and select the browse(…) button just next to it and select…

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ALERTE INFO. Syrie (Alep) : mort du chef terroriste de la ville grâce à la poussée de l’armée

Allain Jules

Le chef terroriste, ami de François Hollande, de Barack obama ou de David Cameron, Abdel-Qader Al Saleh, 33 ans, membre de la direction du Conseil révolutionnaire d’Alep et chef militaire de la Brigade Liwa Al-Tawhid est mort en Turquie, à la suite de ses blessures après l’avancée de l’armée arabe syrienne. Al-Jazeera doit pleurer son client. Les autres suivront.

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