Barack Obama, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, And the Greatest Swindle In Human History

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A Time For Choosing

By Gary P Jackson

It is the Responsibility of the Patriot to protect his country from it’s government.

~Thomas Paine


Ten trillion dollars. That’s the conservative estimate of the amount of money Barack Obama, Albert Gore Jr., and a whole cast of criminals stand to make yearly (gross) off of the greatest scam in human history: « global warming. »

If you have ever sat back, scratching your head and wondering why the Marxists are pushing for a « cap and trade » bill that would not only make energy costs « necessarily skyrocket, » to quote Barack Obama, but do absolutely nothing to effect fictional « climate change,  » one way or the other, you are about to find out.

We have long known this Marxist idea was nothing more than a continuation of the communist desire to « spread the wealth » by forcibly stealing from…

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