The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared [Video]

The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared [Video].


L’antisionisme au profit d’Israël… (Parti Anti Sioniste) [Vidéo] | Parti Anti Sioniste (PAS)

Yahia Gouasmi, président du Parti Anti Sioniste, explique dans cette vidéo qui est derrière l’acharnement du gouvernement contre Dieudonné, et le but recherché. Il appelle tous les antisionistes, sans aucune exception, à s’unir contre leur ennemi commun : le sionisme, qui cherche à les diviser…

viaL’antisionisme au profit d’Israël… (Parti Anti Sioniste) [Vidéo] | Parti Anti Sioniste (PAS).

Syrian fighter jet shot down by Turkish military attacks while Syrian Army was inflicting heavy losses upon terrorist groups (Syrian Government + Ziad Fadel Reports)

the real Syrian Free Press



In a blatant aggression that proves Erdogan’s involvement in supporting the terrorist groups, a Syrian fighter jet was shot down as it was pursuing the terrorist gangs inside the Syrian territories in Kassab area on Sunday, a military source said.


The source noted that the pilot managed to make a parachute landing.

Units of the armed forces have since morning been directing fatal blows to terrorist groups which infiltrated the border from Turkey in Kassab area, in the countryside of Lattakia, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Later, a military source said units of the army besieged terrorist groups who have infiltrated through borders with Turkey to Kasab area in Lattakia countryside, killing large number of them  


Damascus: Turkish aggression in Kassab reflects actual involvement in events since beginning 

Damascus – 23/03/2014 – Syria dismissed military aggression which the Turkish government has waged against Syria’s sovereignty…

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