Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – « The Power To Kill » – (4/29/14)

Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – "The Power To Kill" – (4/29/14).



Syria’s Grand Mufti, Dr. Ahmad Hassoun, implores for peace at the funeral of his son, Sarya, killed by « rebels »

This is the real ,the authentic Islam

In Gaza

I had the honour of meeting, in a group context, the Grand Mufti of Syria, a man of compassion, knowledge, forgiveness, whose own son was murdered in the context of the war being waged on Syria in the name of « revolution »…and the Mufti immediately forgave those who killed his son. I cannot imagine his sorrow.

Listen to it all, but particularly from 14:00 on, when Sheik Hassoun implores « rebels » to lay down their guns and the government to grant them amnesty, even to those who killed his son, for the sake of Syria« as for you, the opposition, this is Syria with the doors wide open, stop insulting us from abroad. Come. Come, and say whatever you want to say within the country, and if someone refuses you, I will be one of you in the opposition. Come and say the truth. Come and ask sincerely. You want freedom…

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