Charlie Hebdo, the people behind it and its anti-religious provocation disguised as freedom of expression

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Charlie Hebdo Slaughter: Tragic Lesson for Europe to Learn

The bloody events that took place in Paris on January 7 made once again remember the «Clash of Civilizations» used as the way to guide social and political process. In the West the idea to put the theory to practical use surfaced in 1990 with the publication of The Roots of Muslim Rage by Bernard Lewis, a British-American historian specializing in oriental studies. Bernard Lewis painted Islam as a reactionary religion immune to changes and filled with hatred against the West and its values. According to him, a «surge of hatred» is rising from the Islamic world to reject the Western civilization based on Judaism and Christianity.

* * *

A great number of information warfare experts work hard to shape the image of enemy among Europeans. Charlie Hebdo, the Paris-based weekly satirical publication, has a special role to play…

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