The ‘Israelification of America’

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anti-netanyahu[1]Obama-Netanyahu bout over the US-Iran nuclear deal has just entered into its final stage. Barack Obama’s statement during his State of Union address that “American want him to talk to Iran rather go to war with Iran”, really pissed-off the powerful Jewish Lobby which now controls both US Congress and Senate. Immediately after Obama’s address, Speaker of the House John Boehner sent an official invitation to Netanyahu to address both houses before Israeli elections in March without first consulting with the White House, which is a normal practice.

The White House announced that Obama will not meet Netanyahu if arrives in Washington to address the Congress over Iran’s nuclear issue. In response, Netanyahu said that he “would go wherever he is invited.” Knowing Netanyahu’s past performance, he never needed government’s invitation to visit European or North American nations as long as he is invited by powerful…

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