Ex-Bush adviser Paul Wolfowitz slams Trump, may back Clinton


Former World Bank chief says it is important to ‘speak up and say how unacceptable Trump is’

Source : Ex-Bush adviser Paul Wolfowitz slams Trump, may back Clinton

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DESI: U.S. special operations forces in Syria to prepare for a ground invasion [EU General]

USA ,Israhell,Nato and their prozionist allies want to divide Syria !

the real Syrian Free Press

US Forces in Syria

Russia will react by pounding terrorists
in Raqa and Deir-Ezzor

Nahed Al-Husaini ~ VeteransToday
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US-Russian showdown is looming in the horizon after the arrival of 250 US special operations forces to Hasakeh, Syria, and the number is believed to reach 500 in the coming days.

European Department for Security and Information Secretary General Haissam Bou Said divulged that US special operations forces dispatched to Rumelan, province of Hasakeh, in Syria were tasked with “preparing for a ground invasion if and when the truce fails”.

US officials have openly spoken about plan B and said“Syrian army will be banned from realizing a complete victory, and the U.S. will continue supporting the moderate opposition”.

Dr. Bou Said-2
Dr. Bou Said (left)

The US will rely on its military bases in Incerlik, Turkey and al Anabar, Iraq to combine a military coalition under the umbrella of the NATO if…

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